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Mostly Adult Activates

Stories By J.E. M.

12 January 1977
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This is where I'm storing my stories. The good, the bad, and the very bad. I had them spread out all over the place. Two different yahoo accounts and on paper or on disks all over the place. So I decided to put them all in one place.

I'm still tracking down some as we speak. I just found some that I forgot about. So I'm moving them before I loose them due to the closing down of geocities. I stopped for a while and I will from time to time, but I will come back and add what I have left.

Now there are some stories that I'm not posting here. They are fanfics and they can be found over at Fanfiction.net under the name Jhoy. As of now, October 18th 2009, I have two completed stories and one in progress. I have a one shot for Deathnote that isn't sexual at all. I have a short 3 chapter story for Harry Potter, but he is barely involved and it is sexual. The one that is in progress is for the anime Inuyasha. That is very, very... xxx rated. It has three couples and one is gay. I've just posted chapter 43 for that story and I'm not done yet.

Other than the reason for this little site which is mostly storage for me... Oh, let me know if you see anything wrong with my stories. I want them to be good so I stun myself in the future that I did such good work. :)

Like I was saying, about me, as the said above I'm 32 and I just started my first semester in college. I'm going towards an associate's degree in Architecture at IDC in Brooklyn, NY. So I may break away and from school work and post something now and again, but you shouldn't really expect anything from me until winter break and summer break right now. I'm saving my free time to work on my on going story for Inuyasha.

Well you saw my pic, so you know I'm a black girl. I'm more white then black if you understand that. I was called oreo when I was in high school.

Can't think of anything else to say. Bug me if you have a question. Really, you can pm im or whatever m you want to me. See ya.